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Who is Grabulovski?

Dr Dragan Grabulovski, CEO and founder of Grabulovski Consulting Services

Dragan’s main professional qualifications and key achievements are the following:

- Venture Partner at Pureos Bioventures (2021 - present)

- Independent board member at Microcaps AG (2021 - present)

  • Seed financing round of CHF 5 M (2021)

- Founding Chairman at Araris Biotech AG (2019 - present):

  • Seed financing round of CHF 15.2 M (2020)

- Strategic advisor at Memo Therapeutics (2017 - present):

  • Series B financing round CHF 37 M (2022)
  • Series A2 financing round CHF 5 M (2018)

- Strategic advisor to Biomunex (2016 - present):

  • License and co-development agreement with Onward Therapeutics (2021)
  • Licensing Agreement with Sanofi (2019)

- Startup Coach at ETH Zürich, Innosuisse (2015 - present)

- Co-founder and CSO at Covagen (2007-2015):

  • Trade sale of Covagen to Johnson & Johnson (2014): press release
  • Fundraising activities (CHF 60 M)
  • Elaboration and implementation of Covagen’s R&D strategy
  • Leading discovery research groups and scientific staff (> 20 employees)
  • Establishing a large network with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), scientific institutions, venture capitalists, patent attorneys and industrial managers
  • Data review including quality assurance

Dragan Grabulovski obtained his PhD at ETH Zurich in the group of Prof Dario Neri. During his PhD studies he invented the Fynomer technology which was commercialized by CovagenPrior to that, he studied pharmaceutical sciences at ETH Zurich and for the diploma thesis under the supervision of Prof Gerd Folkers he was awarded with the ETH medal. He is a co-author of several peer-reviewed articles, reviews, book chapters, poster abstracts, patent applications and granted patents (publication list). He is also a jury member of „venture“, Switzerland’s premier start-up competition organized by McKinsey, Innosuisse (Swiss commission for technology and innovation), EPFL and ETH Zurich.